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What we do

Mobile Application Development

It is imperative to develop a mobile application for your business that intricately connects the entire ecosystem, of applications. The relationship between the application and your business will be exponential. We develop applications that can adapt in response to the market changes. We bring you a powerful, integrated platform, with data integration. Sainyam believes in ‘lean development’, so we develop ‘what you imagine’ and ‘the way you like it’; for every size companies as we have helped many corporations launch new products.

  • Sainyam develops applications for iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows phones
  • We develop cross-platform applications
  • Responsive application development for the mobile phone
  • One to one consultation and blueprint supported by 24/7 customer service
  • Our developers are enthusiastic to offer you solutions and develop the app by following the best practices. We accomplish everything from application development to lifecycle management, migration, implementation, and maintenance. Contact us today for all your application needs as our reward is your satisfaction.

    Cloud Services

    We do everything that spells ‘cloud’. We understand the impact cloud services have on business. Our team of experts can help you discover, design and implement cloud in the following steps:

  • Discover, identify and scope cloud services
  • Evaluate the requirement of services
  • Create strategies and architecture
  • Automate and develop a roadmap to implement all applications to the cloud
  • Design, define the governance and framework along with business impact
  • We will take the ownership - track, monitor, and audit in real-time - on implementing cloud,based on the need and create the required outcome. Sainyam can help you adapt to the cloud and turn your strategies into action.

    Cloud Advisory Service

    Transformation to cloud services has a huge business impact on - Operations and Delivery.Sainyam will develop a complete strategy, perform cost and benefit analysis, as well as create the road-map for implementation. We aim at reducing the total cost of ownership (TCO), enhance responsiveness and maximize ROI, incorporating the technologies,capabilities and the processes strategically, that suit the requirement. We offer end-to- end cloud advisory services with strategic consultation.

    We have successfully implemented the cloud services at various organizations.Our key services:

  • Portfolio analysis and cloud readiness assessment
  • Achieve cloud-enabled, cloud-ready and optimization as well as cloud-native capabilities
  • Aligning the cloud initiative with respect to business IT strategy
  • Creating roadmaps, TCO and ROI analysis
  • Design the operational framework to govern the cloud environment
  • Ensure compliance, regulation, service delivery, analysis and SLA
  • Disaster recovery and BI
  • Contact Sainyam and share the challenges you face, we will offer you solutions to your problems with well-crafted solutions.

    Big Data

    The numbers tell a story, and our team at Sainyam gives them a voice to tell.Big data lays the basis for mega-trend of social to mobile and cloud. We can help you unlock reams of data, analyze and deliver Business intelligence (BI) solutions for you to make a strategic business decision.

    A large scale of big data generation takes place in real time from various sources. Analysis of the big data extracts meaningful, valuable and significant information that enable better decisions using processing power, analytics skill, and capability.

    The Realm

  • Big data provide a new resource for a competitive edge to the business.
  • It empowers decision making.
  • The value of data continues to grow
  • The Benefit

  • Strategic decisions
  • Develop roadmap to success
  • Optimize implementation Cloud
  • Increases Data security
  • If you want to understand your business, don’t just see the big data, take control and read in between the lines, contact Sainyam to show you how you can touch the sky.


    Sainyam offers a portfolio of value-adding operational action to fuel business and all decisions from the big data and other sources. It uses various analytics platforms or tools like SAS, SPSS or visualizations through data reports, like Crystal reports depending on the business requirement.

    Data analysis optimizes risk management - internal and external - with regulatory compliance. It increases cost management through optimized operations based on analysis of financial performance.

    Our analytics solutions assist in strategic planning products and marketing by gathering and uncovering insights that help in achieving the financial growth businesses dream of with information on business implications.

    Our Analytics process

  • Data mining
  • Data storage and integration
  • Analytics platform
  • Visualization tools
  • Indigenous minds at Sainyam work on analytics anywhere, including cloud, based on industry specifics. We help you make decisions with intelligence based on the data reports,leverage it for insights. Contact us.

    IOT (Internet of things)

    Sainyam can build IoT platform using the interrelated computing devices with a complete set of IoT-specific tools and capabilities. It offers limitless possibilities, deepest functional capabilities, innovative products and technologies as well as digital information.We can develop powerful IoT solutions for your business that can transform business value..

  • Connect and go mobile with access anytime and anywhere
  • Analyze encrypted security and Big data
  • Create a consistent user experience with development tools
  • Create cloud that offers efficiency along with integrated based computing and services
  • Experience the power of analytics with predictive insights for your business
  • Sainyam helps you get the most out of IoT with the multi-dimensional approach our indigenous team uses to leverage deep data analytics to meet business objectives. We offer consulting and implementation support across the areas:

  • Connectivity Of Things
  • Services For Things
  • Strategy Of Things
  • Security Of Things
  • Commerce Of Things
  • Analysis Of Things
  • Let Sainyam help you unlock the opportunity like many other corporations till date. We convert the connections to experiences, innovative business ideas, successful management and a competitive edge. Contact us now.

    Enterprise Intelligent Systems

    For many people artificial intelligence (AI) is fictional and many large enterprises are experimenting with it. It is currently used in several industries like Banking and finance,Online advertising, and Healthcare...

    The Sainyam team focuses on innovative human-machine collaboration to deliver incomparable artificial intelligence, which empowers your business enterprise and revolutionizes it.

    Get in touch with us to solve your real world problems with ground breaking and smarter business decisions. You will soon be talking about your successful business story with us.