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Digital Consulting


When it comes to cloud consulting services, we are one of the most technically sound company to handle and deliver on cloud services for your perusal. Our professional team of technically sound engineers can help you design and implement cloud services for your business.

We accomplish this in the following outlined steps:

Research, distinguish and scope cloud services
Present requirements for the cloud services
Develop strategies and required architecture
Construct an automated roadmap for the effective implementation of your cloud service
Define the scope and design of the framework, which includes the business impact.
Analysis of the service portfolio and the assessment for cloud readiness.
Optimization of cloud-enabled and ready capabilities.
Integrating and aligning the cloud service initiative with your business strategy.
Creation of automated roadmaps and Return on Investment analysis

The impact of cloud services is evident in the growth and development of many businesses. The transformation to cloud services has been identified as a welcomed development by several companies for obvious reasons. At Sainyam, we are well poised to develop a complete strategy, cost, and benefit analysis and the automated roadmap for the effective implementation of your cloud utilization.

Our key services include:

Cloud Readiness Assessment & Advisory Services

Cloud Implementation.

Cloud Migration

24*7 Managed Services


We are a team of certified Salesforce.com experts with solid expertise across Salesforce.com technologies that enables us to develop and integrate scalable custom apps using Force.com, Lightning, Salesforce 1 platforms. We firmly believe that Salesforce.com is way more than a CRM.

Our Services:


Cloud Readiness Assessment

SaaS CRM/technology platform evaluation.

Business process mapping with SFDC.

Architecture/application design and implementation & roadmap defination.

Implementation & Managed Services

Full lifecycle implementation using different delivery models for sales Cloud,Service Cloud,Pardot,Customer/Patner/ Vendor Portol.

SFDC Instance consolidation/optimization testing & UAT support L1/L2/L3 support and Enhancement services.

End user training services.

Data Migration & Integartion

Data migration from legacy to Salesforce.com applications.

Integration of salesforce.com CRM/application with legacy,in house third/party applications.

Migration & integration of unstructured data between salesforce.com and on premise apps.

Implementation of Data Lifecycle Management & ArchivalSolution for cloud apps.

Internet of Things

We are a team that love machines and as a natural progression for technology entrepreneurs, we have started digging deeper on connecting various machines and understanding about machines like never before and during the process we have discovered, the humongous potential of these insights for every business that involves machines as a part of their operations like Manufacturing, Retail, Health Care, Automotive OEMs to improve their operational efficiencies and quality aspects, reduced costs just to name a few… We follow a strategic approach with an objective of the best possible outcome from your Internet of Things initiative.


Hey will it rain today? Once such questions would have elicited a surprise and a long search; but not anymore. The only response would be a tap on the mobile or a tab and a quick response saying, “Yeah there’s a 50% chance” and so on. We have finally reached the long-awaited era where ‘Smartphones are the PCs’. There’s an app for everything, even for banking. And this has introduced a sea change in the way enterprises function. At Sainyam, our aim is to deliver innovative and intuitive mobile experiences that will enrich customer experience (engagement) and act as a growing platform for our clients. We offer bespoke mobile apps suited to the individual needs of our customers and enterprise clients.

Strategic Sustainability Consulting

We are implementation and consulting partners for innovative technological products like IPM+ for your business infrastructure. The Intelligent Project Management + (IPM+) helps you save up to 50% of your personal computing infrastructure (PCI). The Intelligent project management software (IPM+) is compatible and performs seamlessly across Windows and Linux platforms.

We are technically sound to provide the best innovative technology consulting service to you. Sainyam team will deliver the full analysis and roadmap to the implementation of these strategic and sustainable services.

Through these services, some of the benefits you enjoy include:

Using this strategic, innovative technology, you enjoy up to 50% on savings
Non-disruptive service
An optimized AI service
Well broken down analysis and management
Enterprise level security.


This is a software solution which provides an intelligent and actionable recommendations on performance, energy consumption, and utilization of technology assets, etc. this is spread across the entire enterprise. Some of the benefits you get using the IPM+ ACESO include

Optimization of OPEX and CAPEX and their uses
Management of assets
Asset discovery
Management of software compliance
Savings on printing cost
Monitor of health for proactive actions.

IPM+ Microsoft Azure

The IPM+ enterprise from Microsoft is a fully optimized azure marketplace for enterprise energy management. Sainyam consulting service is professionally able to help in analyzing, measuring, saving, and monitoring enterprise I.T energy. Our technical staffs have full knowledge of this innovative technology and can deliver the implementation roadmap. Through this management technology, you enjoy:

Green computing
Strong ROI from cost reduction in I.T operation
Deep learning engine by PowerMind for smart and intelligent usage
High accuracy in hardware energy meter for software energy accuracy