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Staff Augmentation (Aarambha)

All’s Well That Ends Well, that’s how we are taught to think. But we at Sainyam think ‘What begins well, ends well’. Hence our Talent Management service is named; Aarambha- The beginning.

The success of an enterprise depends not just on owning the best technology solution but in a team with the right set of skills and attitude. A good team besides making an organization succeed can also make it go places. Selecting a candidate with the perfect mix of IQ and EQ is a no mean task; and if the amount of time and money invested on each candidate is considered, then it becomes all the more evident that one has to get it right the first time.

Here at Sainyam, nothing gives us more pleasure than seeing businesses grow with us. Hence with our team of talented and experienced professionals, we take on the task of finding the Best Fit Employees, while you sit back and focus on all the other major areas of your business. And while at this, we also help with the other big task involving Human resource – Bridging the Talent Gap.

Our experienced advisory not only identifies the talent requirement which continuously varies with the growth and development of the company, they also suggest talent development strategy so that you can make effective use of your existing talent (resources). We help build Talent rich organization that is always ready for the future.