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Job Seeker Training (Navadha)

One would have thought that given the vast variety of courses available, choosing the right career path would be easier today. Instead, it has only managed to make it more complex. Youngsters today are having a hard time identifying their field of specialization and often one hears them say, “This is not what I wanted to become”. Wondering how this can happen when they are the ones choosing; it is because of 2 reasons:

1. Never realising that (2+3) or (2+4) decides 60 – Students often fail to understand that the choice made by them in their higher secondary years and college is what determines their future. So one wrong choice can act as a spoiler for the rest of their lives.

2. Prohibiting effect of interviews- For certain others failure in an interview prevents them from achieving their dreams.

Hence, we designed Navadha with the single objective of increasing the employability of students and helping them follow the path of their dreams. It is an interactive training program comprising nine modules that have been designed to bridge the gap between collegiate and job opportunities. Covering several important topics such as We before I, Self-presentation, Decision making etc.; Navadha equips them with the skills necessary to attract corporates. Using techniques (practices) such as 1 on 1 counselling and self-introspection makes them realize their interests and potential so that they make the right choices and follow their dreams.

The training will be provided by professionals with several years of Industry experience but the biggest advantage of choosing Navadha is that unlike all the other courses, it does not come in a package. We offer customized courses that are designed after a complete analysis of the requirement.