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Engagement Model

Our company provides some of the most comprehensive and intricate engagement models available on the market for your business. Our models are developed with customer satisfaction and business efficiency in mind, and they have been refined over years of working with businesses just like yours in order to develop a comprehensive suite of solutions to fit every need. If you’re ready to work with a company that delivers quality engagement models and helps you completely outsource IT work, get in touch with us today.

Fixed Price

If your project has a well-defined timeline, workflow, and productivity expectations, then a fixed price engagement model is probably the right choice for you. Parameters are determined ahead of time and this model provides you and your company with more price certainty.

Time and Material

If the needs of your company or project are dynamic and may find themselves changing over the duration of your partnership with us, then we would recommend a pricing model that is based on the time and materials used in the production of the model. This allows for a more seamless and flexible arrangement.


If you desire a solution that can be operated internally by your own team in the future, then we can design a model that is suited for transition after proper training and initiation has occurred. This model operates under the assumption that in the long-term, your solution will be managed by your own IT team.

Dedicated Outsourcing Models

If you anticipate that your organization is going to have an ongoing need for help with your IT department as it relates to the solutions that we have developed for you, then we can create a model that involves our team working as an extension of your existing team. This enables us to provide a more dedicated form of service and give you daily access to our resources.