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Corporate Training (Swastika)

Similar to the Swastik, our Corporate Training program Swastika has also been built around the four main verticals that determine the success of an enterprise.

Our first vertical of focus is Technology. With constant growth in technology, organizations must always be on their toes to keep pace with it. Hence at Sainyam we offer a customized training program, packaged according to your technology requirements and provided by our elite group of trainers who have worked with some of the most prestigious organizations.

The second vertical centers on the Art of Selling. Every organization has to sell something - either its services or its products. And it is usually this area which finally determines the health or well-being of an organization. But selling, though it may sound simple is actually a very complex task. At Sainyam, our professionals will teach you the secret technique of selling the right idea to the right person customized for each industry.

The next two verticals of training are from the non - technical and behavioral dimension. Though technology and sales get the most importance, it is the forthcoming two that make the real difference. Our third vertical is Soft skills with special focus on leadership and team-building.

A good leader has the ability to foster a culture that inspires deep commitment in the team to go over and above the standard norm and reach for the stars. Such culture will provide the organization a competitive advantage that no competitor can imitate and gives the organization an edge over the others. And while the leader may have the ability to drive an organization to success, he cannot do so individually. It requires the involvement of a team, that not just works together but with each other i.e. in cohesion. Thus, we have developed several fun and effective leadership and team building exercises that promote leadership quality, build trust and ease conflicts while increasing collaboration and promoting effective communication.

The last yet one of the most important verticals is Behavior and Communication. This underestimated focus point is what sets some enterprises apart from the rest. An idea develops into a story only when expressed with clarity. Similarly, an organization grows only when people communicate effectively and work efficiently.

Just as the meeting of cross-roads in the Swastik symbolizes prosperity; a proper balance in the four verticals will drive an enterprise to attain prosperity. This corporate training program is available both as a package as well as a customized program.