About Us

What happens when a bunch of friends extremely passionate about technology and entrepreneurship come together? The inevitable! Before starting out, we were living what everyone would call ‘The Dream Lives’. But that wasn’t enough and wanting more, we decided to start off on our own. And thus, Sainyam was born!

Our motto is simple – ‘to help people realize their dreams’. Yeah, we know it’s not as simple as it sounds but that’s our motto. At Sainyam we provide solutions that aims to help our clients reach their potential. Leveraging on our years of experience in diverse fields and unique skills, our clients are provided with the best possible solutions. The Sainyam team, known for thinking out of the box and forever delivering the unexpected, keeps our clients coming back to us.

But being change makers, we couldn’t stop with just that. We, at Sainyam always welcome new ideas and take immense pleasure in nurturing fresh and innovative ideas that have the potential to revolutionize technology. If you have one, then come, let’s talk!

"Paanch ka punch" means 'High Five'

At Sainyam we are an army fighting together to win the battle for our clients.

  We are led by our Senaapathi (commander in chief) who passionately leads the entire team to reach the horizon. Fondly addressed as the people officer, he is easily approachable and guides all teams with his profound wisdom.

  Our Abhirath (charioteer) is our business development team who with their keen insight of our services and ability to identify the right target have enabled us to help several businesses bounce back and grow with us. Their endeavour to sow the seeds of success is the reason we have grown by leaps and bounds.

  The Samrat of the Sainyam army or as he is formally addressed, the CEO, is the leader of the entire force and the one who through his penetrating vision and guidance has led us through the path of victory several times.

  An army is incomplete without its Sena and so is Sainyam. Our Sena, which chiefly comprises of the Technical teams (Developers, Analysts, Consultants, Architects) are responsible for carrying out all the core operations prudently. Their competence is the reason we have been able to chart our course to success in various fields.

  It is no doubt that our success is tied to our vendors. Being our allies, they are the ones who, through their unique capabilities have been added to the strength of Sainyam and supported us throughout. Together, these Paanch teams form an invincible army that is raring to conquer the universe.

What We Do